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Se sei forte sali


was a very cool game 


Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!


So much fun! controls with bouncing were weird, but was awesome overall!

Thanks for doing a playthrough!  The lack of a restart button has def been the most common complaint, so I'll try to implement one in the next patch..  Thanks!

My PC is a potato one and this is so laggy for me.

:( Sorry to hear that.  I wish I could fix it, but I need to learn some more about optimization.


Great work. We really enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much for the playthrough and feedback! Also, no worries about the music Copywrite.  All the music in the game is from either me or bands that I am in.


This game was more goofy than horror but I enjoyed it. The poem at the end had me raising my eyebrows haha!

Thanks for the playthrough and feedback! Your video was super helpful in identifying some fixes I need to implement in the next patch.  Hope you check out some more entries from HPS1s Summer of Shivers!


Thanks for the experience! I don't think I've ever had poetry read to me by a pleiosaur before. I've posted a review on the jam submission page, and made a playthrough video: 

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nice story game

Thanks so much for checking it out!  Also 4:20 playtime, nice

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yeah ;D