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100% inspired by lsd: dream emulator, and i love it.


Ah yes, cock and ball torture simulator.


Thank you for making this! This was a really unique, interesting take on a game, and as someone who also experiences similar panic situations, I think it's an important thing to share. Plus, you gotta love those chunky PSX graphics! :)

I talked about the game a bit in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 


That was short, but the message was clear, thanks for sharing and making this game.


A nice short walking simulator. I wish for gameplay elements in the future.


"Mash the spacebar to make yourself panic faster!"

this was really good!

I forgot that I'd found this through the 2-minute jam so I was expecting something longer. But this was an interesting experience either way :)

I liked this game a lot, it's a good emulation and it's very unique to have a game like this where you can't win, very short and, surprisingly pleasant.


Thank you so much for the feedback!

Interesting little experience. Sometimes I also go through a bit of the "work panic" section when I catch myself sitting at my desk and forget to eat/drink after a while. I think you definitely nailed that psx visual style. Good work!


cock and ball torture


I feel so naive but I truly didn't know what that was until I released the game and someone told me.

"I've experienced health-based panic disorder"



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Hey, I enjoyed this short game and I reckon that this is a good place to build from. Here's my playthrough of it - 

Thank you so much for the play through!

Happy to do it. :)


My only recommendation would be to add some additional effects to kind of activate that "fight or flight" response in the player to moreso emulate the panic feeling. Manual breathing by timed key inputs would be a good way to increase tension, and longer levels. Otherwise it's pretty good.


Thanks for the feedback!  That's good advice, I think I may come back to it someday to implement


looks like my kind of game i will download soon


Cool game, keep on it. I love the Poem style Game Design

Haha That was a cool "LSD" Experience xD!

Thanks for playing it!